The MBA Summer Camp is back and better than ever!

The Mini Billionaire's Academy is a fun way to instill financial sense into your kids this summer while they enjoy all the fun associated with traditional summer camp!

What is the MBA Summer Camp?

The MBA Summer Camp, or “Mini Billionaire’s Academy” is a summer camp program that uses fun to teach your kids about money! Organized and conducted by senior managers from Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union, the program will use interactive activities to teach your child about the benefits of understanding money and how to make good financial decisions. The camp will also include fun indoor and outdoor activities that will incorporate what is learned in the classroom setting.

Dates and Times:

Scheduling for the 2017 MBA Camp is currently being finalized. Check back for details, or email to be notified when additional info is available.

Content and Activities:

The primary focus of the MBA Summer Camp is to provide a fun learning environment where kids can learn the basics of financial literacy.

Topics to be covered include:

 Basic budgeting
 Good debt vs. bad debt
 Keeping your money safe and secure
 Basic insurance knowledge
 Career planning

Don’t worry – it will be fun, too! The program is very interactive, and is written in a teen friendly design and format. Additional activities may also include: games, scavenger hunts, movies, and competitions (with prizes, of course).

Each student will receive a workbook they can take home and a certificate of completion after successfully completing the week.

Want to add the MBA Curriculum to your program?

We can bring the camp to you! If you are currently involved in a summer program that you think would benefit from the MBA program, please let us know. We may be able to come to you.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at:

 Phone: 850-576-8134

 E-mail:

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